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5 Reasons to Film Your Movie in the Appalachian Highlands

1. The Mountains

Anyone who visits the Appalachian Highlands remembers one thing: the beauty of the mountains. There is no substitute for the glorious scenery that exists in every direction you turn. From rolling hills in the countryside to mountainous terrain at higher elevations, the nature here will beckon to you. Roan Mountain, Buffalo Mountain, The Creeper Trail, The Tweetsie Trail, Doe River Gorge, state parks, hiking trails, biking trails, waterfalls, and more. If your story needs rugged outdoor adventure or simply majestic scenery, this is your place.

2. The People

A growing production community exists in the Appalachian Highlands. With the inception of the Northeast Tennessee Entertainment Alliance, we have seen more projects moving into the region — TV shows, movies, music videos, and more. A workforce is here. Talented artists, cinematographers, production professionals, actors, and musicians live in the area and are ready to make movie magic. They are kind, honest, hard-working, and hungry for opportunity.

3. The Cost

The cost of living is low in the Appalachian Highlands, so your hotel bookings, meals, location fees, and other purchases will be considerably less than other parts of the country. Additionally you could enjoy a 25% tax rebate from the Tennessee Entertainment Commission on productions with a $200,000 budget or higher. Find out more about that here.

4. The Climate

Need snow? Rain? Cold? Heat? Clouds? Sun? We have it all. While locals (including yours truly) have been known to complain about the crazy weather, if you’re a filmmaker and you need access to various types of weather, come film for a while in East Tennessee. If your production is in early Spring, you could film a year’s worth of scenes in two weeks. You might need both snowsuits and bathing suits in a 14-day timespan.

5. The Versatility

Yes, the mountains are a significant backdrop of the region, but nestled among these hills you’ll find small towns with relentless charm. Bustling downtown streets, suburban neighborhoods, inner-city treasures, and historic landmarks can be found within 15 minutes of each other. This is a place where the great outdoors crash together with small urban environments in a beautiful display of uniqueness you may not find anywhere else. If you need to film it, you can probably find it in the Appalachian Highlands.

Photo Credit: Johnson City Aerial Photography


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