The black Appalachian


This film brings to life the experiences, and celebrates the contributions of African-Americans to Appalachian culture. This film is currently in pre-production, and there is opportunity for contribution through crowdfunding.



The first in a series of films with Josh's new venture, Funny Short Films, this comedy tells the story of Carl & Bonnie's experience with a kooky counselor. 

Check out Funny Short Films.

Coming Home


Coming Home, directed by Josh Mancuso, is a documentary film chronicling a man's 40-day pilgrimage to India to trace his late father's footsteps. This journey led to a movement of compassion and social justice among destitute children from the slums. 


In 2017, Josh assembled a team to compete in a film competition in Knoxville. The team wrote, shot, and edited a 7-minute film in 54 hours. "Triangle" won Best Plot Twist, Best Montage, and Josh received a Lead Actor Award. 

TV Shows

Josh is an on-camera host for The Local View, a new TV show airing on Fox Tri-Cities every Sunday. He and his co-hosts take viewers on a journey around the Appalachian Highlands showcasing stories, businesses, and experiences that make the region so unique. Josh also handles some of the production work for this show.


The Josh mancuso show

The Josh Mancuso Show is Josh's platform to do what he does best: talk. Josh is passionate about communication and utilizes this form of communication as a way to share stories, ideas, and laughs with his listeners and guests. 

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